13 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

When money is tight, making ends meet can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to earn some extra cash nowadays. In addition to your main source of income, these side hustles can generate quite a bit of money if you manage your time right. The biggest question mark is figuring out what exactly you can do to make this additional income.

In an effort to help you with this hurdle, we’ve gathered a list of ways to help you earn some extra cash, no matter where your skillset lies or whether or not you have a lot of extra time on your hands. Here are some great ways to make a little more this month.

1. Freelance work

home office

From blog writing to editing, many companies and businesses are looking for a freelancer to do some work. It’s a lot more cost-effective for companies and businesses to hire freelancers than to hire a permanent person to fill a position—which is good news for you. Some common work that companies and businesses look for includes photography, blog writing, editing, and copywriting. A quick search on Craigslist in your area should generate quite a few money-making opportunities.

2. Do surveys

Companies and brands are often looking for more information to provide better services, products, or experiences for their customers, and they often do this through online survey companies. These online surveys are very simple and often just require registration. Then, these companies contact you once they have a survey that fits your profile. Some of the most popular online survey sites include Survey Junkie (https://www.surveyjunkie.com/) and Opinion Outpost (https://www.opinionoutpost.com/).

3. Tutor

Many young students are looking for a little bit of extra help. If you are a college student and have taken a number of classes in your major, you can help those who are currently taking those classes. Tutors can earn anywhere from $20 to $50 per session.

4. Sell things on Craigslist

Chances are that you have some things lying around at your home that you don’t need. Take this as an opportunity to go minimalistic and sell some of your belongings, including clothing, furniture, and cookware, on Craigslist to make a few dollars. Other sites on which you can sell your goods include Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

5. Babysit

You don’t have to be 12 to babysit! As an adult, you could extend your services and offer to watch over children. The bonus is that since you are no longer 12 years old, you’ll be seen as a more reliable babysitter, and you can potentially make more because of this.

6. Walk some dogs

dog walker

Not only can you earn some money with dog-walking, but it’s also a great way to get into shape. Be sure to check with your local government laws pertaining to starting a dog-walking business, as these details may differ from city to city, province to province.

7. Recycle


Have a collection of old bottles that you have no use for? While you may not end up getting a lot of money for each trip to the bottle depot, this is one of those small things that can add up in the long run.

8. Housesit

Particularly in more affluent neighbourhoods, homeowners may appreciate having someone watching their home while they are away on vacation. You may be able to earn up to a few hundred dollars for a week of housesitting, which requires very little work beyond watering a few plants and keeping the space tidy.

9. Petsit

Similar to housesitting, those with pets who are going on vacation will need someone to take care of their little furry friend(s). This may require you to also simultaneously housesit, which can help you earn a few hundred dollars per week. A great website to set you up as a sitter is rover.com.

10. Partake in mystery shopping/dining

Many companies hire mystery shoppers to help test and maintain the customer service provided by their stores. These exercises help determine that their staff are following all guidelines and giving the best experience possible to their customers. There are also apps, such as Secret Shopper, that you can download that will require you to fill out surveys while you visit specific stores.

11. Shovel snow

snow shovel

If you live in a snowy area, shoveling snow around your neighbourhood or for your apartment building can earn you $20 to $30 per hour. Speak with your building manager or your neighbours to see if they require your services.

12. Rent out your extra room

With services like AirBnB around, renting out an unused extra bedroom is easier than ever. Through AirBnB, you can determine the length of time for which you wish you rent out your space. The company also requires identity verifications to ensure that they are not putting hosts at risk by renting to someone who doesn’t have a good standing.

Willing to rent out your extra room for an extended period of time? Consider becoming a landlord and rent out your space to make anywhere from $400 to $1,200 per month, depending on your location and the size of your space. Be sure to brush up on local laws before you put up a Craigslist ad.

13. Become an Uber driver


If your city has Uber, becoming an Uber driver can help you earn quite a bit of money. Since you are setting your own schedule, you can work as much as you want to, and earn at peak hours if you please. Learn more about becoming an Uber driver here.

Evidently, there are many ways in which you can earn some extra cash. Some require very little time and commitment, while for some of these other side hustles, you’re able to set your own hours so that you can earn as much as possible. There’s something for everyone!

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