4 Simple Steps to Save Money

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do around saving money is just getting started.

Here are 5 quick and simple ways to do just that.

  1.  Keep track of what you are spending & create a budget – the first step to starting a savings plan is to track your expenses, understand when payments are due and where you are spending your money. Using a calendar to keep track can really help you get started.
  2. Understand what you are saving for – it can be a lot easier to save if you have a goal in mind!  Are you saving for a trip? A new car?  Retirement? Think about your long-term and short-term savings goals.  Write down your goals and keep track of your progress.
  3. Watch your spending – if you know what you’re spending and what you’re saving towards, you can start to see what you can cut out, trim back and where you’re hard earned dollars are going.
  4. Put aside your savings – now that you know what you are spending, you should take a piece of each paycheque and set it aside in a separate account.  Keep the savings separate, and watch it grow!

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