Serious about improving your financial health? Contact urLoan

urLoan™ is being approached EVERY DAY by Canadians who have nowhere else to go to obtain a debt consolidation loan. Their banks have turned their backs on them because they have no assets or poor credit history, and the only lenders willing to give them a chance are Payday loan companies.  We are constantly being asked who our ideal customer is, and the answer may surprise you!  Our ideal customer is a person who is serious about both changing their life and improving their financial health.

Do you have creditors chasing you for debt?  We are often approached by people looking for a loan who don’t realize how much financial trouble they are in and are trying to hide from their problems by running from creditors. If you are one of these people, urLoan™ cannot help. urLoan is there for people who are serious about fixing their debt problems by working with the creditors and making small manageable payments.  This is an important step we look for, because it shows that you are serious about resolving your debt problems and changing your financial path.

We recognize that there are hard-working Canadians living paycheque to paycheque who struggle to keep up with their bills.  Many Canadians today have too much debt, and having debt problems is nothing to be ashamed of.  The first step in obtaining a debt consolidation loan from urLoan™ is taking the first step yourself, admitting that you are on the wrong financial path, and seeking help immediately!

Here is a scenario where you may be eligible for a term loan:

You have a collection agency chasing you for $1,200 for outstanding telephone bills. You have decent employment income, but it’s simply too difficult for you to pay the collection agency the full $1,200 now. Instead, seek a consolidation loan from urLoan for $1,200, and we will pay the collection agency for you. Then you can pay us back $58 dollars every two weeks for a year until you have paid off your loan. This will fit your budget better, giving you the flexibility to start saving and also allow you to build back up your credit over the 12 months.

Introduced in Canada, in the summer of 2013, urLoan™, by Climb Credit Inc., provides flexible personal and debt consolidation loans ranging from $500-$30,000 with repayment terms ranging from 6 to 36 months. Your loan can be approved within 24 hours. Whether you are in a situation where you have little or no credit history, you wish to consolidate your existing debts, or you are trying to simply build or re-build credit, urLoan™ is YOUR LOAN. Call urLoan™ today at 1-844-350-LOAN (5626) or email [email protected] for further information.