5 Affordable Vacations to Take This Winter from Vancouver

Saving money doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a little vacation. With the proper budgeting, you can plan a fulfilling and memorable trip. Some destinations, though, even with penny-pinching habits, can be hard to explore if you aren’t comfortable with spending a lot. So, to help you make the most out of your holiday this year, we’ve put together a list of some terrific affordable vacations. Take a look below.

1. Staycation


Many people forget just how much your own city has to offer, and staycation is a great way to remind yourself of exactly that. Depending in which part of the city you’d like to stay in, you can book a hotel for as low as $90 a night. Or, for an even more cost-effective option, you can book through Airbnb. Don’t underestimate just how fun your own city can be, and remember to take advantage of all the exciting holiday-themed activities it has during the winter.

2. Tofino

tofino BC

While Tofino is known for terrific surfing in the summer, this beautiful destination is also known for its storm season—and storm watching—during the winter. Between November 1 and February 28, storm watching season means reduced prices on every accommodation spot from resort to guest homes, and because it’s still considered off season for Tofino tourism, the town won’t be too busy, either. Be sure to check out Chesterman Beach and try the fresh oysters.


3. Seattle


Only three hours away from Vancouver, Seattle is a great little getaway that’s completely affordable. Booking through Airbnb will most likely get you a less expensive deal, and perfect for if you have a larger group. The average cost of hotels around the holiday season is around $140, with the average cost of food per day under $40. Seattle has many free public spaces for you to explore, too, including the world famous Pike Place Market, as well as the scenic Gas Work Parks.

4. Chicago


Hoping to go a little farther? Chicago is a great destination, especially if you like snow. With flights averaging around $420 and hotels available for as low as $100 per night during the holidays, it’s a great city to explore when on a budget. Chicago is known for its impressive and inspiring architecture, so spend your days checking out unique buildings and public places for free. It’s also a city that’s full of culinary gems, so make sure you do a bit of research about where to eat before boarding that plane!

5. Mexico


All-inclusive offers are one of the most popular options for those who are looking to save a bit, but also hoping for a memorable vacation, and there’s no other place that does it better than Mexico. Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos are just a few of the many popular spots in the country. For under $1,300, you can plan a four-day vacation that covers your flights, hotels, meals, and entertainment. Plus, it’s the perfect getaway… that is, getting away from the cold, winter weather!

Proper budgeting can turn a mediocre December into a fun holiday trip that you’ll never forget. Looking for more help with improving your financial health? urLoan is here to help with that by assisting with getting you on a positive track to financial health. We offer flexible term loans that’s easy and hassle free that can help you rebuild your credit.

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Do you have any vacation spots that you love? Let us know in the comments section!



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