A New Funding Solution For Canadian Consumers – Personal Term Loans

A Reasonable Alternative to Payday loans – A Personal Term Loan from urLoan™

urLoan LogoIn today’s fragile economic environment it is challenging for many working-class Canadians to get a conventional loan from their bank or credit union.  Most commercial banks in Canada, if not all, have tightened their belts and are no longer providing conventional loans to their customers unless they have significant assets, such as home or vehicle to put up as collateral.  While commercial banks have been trying to meet various government regulation to keep themselves healthy and avoid another economic collapse like in 2008, there has been and continues to be an influx of new Payday lenders in Canada, companies like Mogo and Wonga, which were introduced in Canada in the last few years.  Payday lenders, by their nature are short-term lenders, and they typically charge anywhere between 60 to 4000% APR on their loans. Furthermore, many Canadians are suffering from poor credit, due to increased debt levels or just a bad life event, and this usually creates an obstacle too big to overcome when it comes to borrowing money from banks or credit unions.


urLoan™, powered by Progressa, was born from a very simple idea, although credit can fluctuate due to events in your life, a good person who is making income and who doesn’t necessarily own their home, should be able to borrow money. We know there is millions of Canadians who work hard and are behind on their bills, although they are financial responsible; they can’t catch up on their bills because our cost of living in Canada has gotten out of control.  And the banks aren’t willing to help these consumers because their credit is shot or because they don’t own a home.  urLoan™ solves this problem, by providing 6 to 24 month loans between $5,00 and $2,500.  Loan eligibility is based on your income, if you have a job, you’ll likely get a loan with us 1.


urLoan™ interest rates range between 29 to 46% A.P.R. in all cases and because our loans are unsecured, this means we don’t take security on your home, your car, or any of your other assets.  We are the perfect alternative when the commercial banks turn their back on you.  When you borrow from urLoan™, once approved, the funds are sent by EFT into your bank account. urLoan™ then debits your bank account on your pay day, whether it be bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, until your loan is repaid, this means we get paid when you get paid.  We amortize your loan up to 36 months, which makes your loan re-payments more manageable and frees of some of your monthly budget so you can continue to go about your daily life without as much stress.  urLoan™ also understands that sometimes people lose their jobs, so we include optional loan protection insurance in all our loans, which protects our customers from further decline in credit due to job loss.


urLoan™ was founded on the premise that we want to help our fellow Canadians.  We are a Canadian Company and we recognize that many Canadians are struggling. We have expertise to help you consolidate your existing debts and we want to work with you over the long term to see you back on your feet to financial prosperity. Please call 1-855-723-5626 (LOAN) or email [email protected] for further information about our services.


1 All loans are subject to credit verification, review of bank statements, etc. Review our loan eligibility criteria for further information.

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