Ways to Save Money for the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a difficult time for many. With gift exchanges, family and friend gatherings, and other such obligations, the season can make it hard for one to save. Luckily, there are things that you can do to avoid spending money that won’t keep you from fun, holiday events. Here are a few ways you can save money during the festive season.

Make your own gifts

Christmas baking
The holidays provide a rare opportunity for you to get crafty, so why not take advantage of this? Not only will your gifts be handcrafted with extra love and care, but you can also save a few dollars on this year’s gift exchange. From holiday wreaths made out of packets of tea, to baked goods, check out some awesome homemade gifts for your loved ones below.


Offer to hold a potluck

What’s more important than gifts during this season? The company, of course. Hosting a big dinner can be an expensive endeavor (not to mention all the time and effort it would take to cook food for a group of people). A more affordable option is hosting a potluck. List out how many and what types of dishes you’ll need (for example, salads, proteins, appetizers, desserts, etc.) and assign each of your guests with a dish to bring to your potluck dinner. This way, everyone pitches in, and you’ll also be able to try some new recipes.

Take them on a tour around the city

Grab a hot chocolate for you and your loved one and explore what your city has to offer during the holidays. The season is about connecting with the people around you, and this is a great opportunity to catch up, but also save a few dollars all the while getting to know the city better, too.

Treat your loved ones to a free or low-cost event

Christmas market

Especially during the holidays, there are many fun and family-friendly events held around the city. Some include incredible light displays around the city and in different neighbourhoods, as well as tree lighting ceremonies that most large cities hold at the beginning of December. Offer to take your loved ones to one of these free or totally affordable events for a memorable evening.

In saving some money here and there over the holidays, you can alleviate some of the common stressors that come with the festive season. Looking for more help with improving your financial health? urLoan is here to help with that by assisting with getting you on a positive track to financial health. We offer flexible term loans that’s easy and hassle free that can help you rebuild your credit.

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